Tell Me Again; You Need My Help To Get What…? Interesting.

Tell Me Again; You Need My Help To Get What...? Interesting.

A conservative Republican I know wanted me to tell him/her how they could get some assistance from the government. Interesting. See, it wasn’t for them. Noooooo! It was for their kids. REALLY? What happened to self-reliance? Working for what you want/need? Wouldn’t accepting help from the United States government make you a *gasp* WELFARE QUEEN?!  Wouldn’t it make you one of “those” people?! How are you going to show your face to all your tea bagger friends knowing that you even THOUGHT about getting assistance from the GOVERNMENT?! FOR SHAME!!!!  I guess when it is YOUR lifestyle changing, and it is YOUR children who may be affected; none of what you said before matters. Fascinating.

The hardest part for ME is, I love this person. I love this person’s children, especially the one being inquired about. That child is beautiful and no, not “typical”. That makes this kid all the more amazing in my eyes. That said, the person inquiring, has a six figure job. SIX FIGURE. I am surviving off of less than 30K per year…for six people. I’ve never even driven a NEW car, let alone own one…or more. My house could fit in this person’s current garage. I can not get over the fact, that after 14 years of not needing any state, local or federal money to help care for this person’s child; all of a sudden there is a “need” for help, based upon the fact that the fact that the adults in this situation are separating and this person and their child, has to move.

Oh, I am sorry. Are you going from $250,ooo per year, down to only $125,000?! THE HORROR! Maybe the child support will help fill in some of that gap. After all, you may need to start cutting corners now…you may actually have to keep that Audi around and running for a bit, or shop at a Target. Hold on now…don’t faint. At least I didn’t say Walmart! Shesh…

I am sorry to say (no, not really) that I took great pleasure in telling this person that their income “may not” make them eligible for assistance. However, I’ll be here for you. I’ll bring you over some meals in case you can’t afford to eat next week.

What do you mean you don’t eat bologna?