The Introduction: Written From My Spot

Greetings. Perhaps you stumbled upon this blog via Twitter, or because your cat walked across your keyboard. Whatever the case may be, I am writing my introductory blog post from my least favourite, favourite spot in the house…MY spot. No, this isn’t some nod to Dr. Sheldon Cooper or some mystic place in the universe spot. Nope. This is the place my Sir Mix-A-Lot approved size butt, sits for the majority of my day. Oddly enough, it just so happens to correspond to the photo below. This is the perch from which I spend too much time on Facebook, or following an ADHD inspired whim online, or cursing the existence of the creators of “Candy Crush Saga”. It is the place that I keep an eye and an ear, on my four boys ages 5, 8, 11 and 14. (You will get to learn all about them in due time.) It is also the place where I daydream, quite actively mind you, while doing all the aforementioned. Multitasking anyone? I take online classes from this spot too. Sometimes interesting ones that inspire me and sometimes, ones that make me want to bang my head and lament the invention of “online education”. To my right, you’ll find not one, but two telephones. The antiquated landline phone, along side my newly acquired iPhone 4s. (Scoff all you want, this is cutting edge stuff for me.) They seldom ring, but, they are here, just in case. Nestled among these phones, or perhaps deep between the broken down, milk stained, beagle scented couch cushions, you will find the remote to the TV. Chances are, the TV is being used for an XBox game, or a Playstation game, or a Ouya game…some sort of game. Games I like to watch, but don’t have the coordination to play. Who the hell put THAT many buttons on one controller?! I figure, I am supervising their game play. Even if I am ignoring the rating code on the box. After all, EVERYONE in their classes plays THAT game! Who am I to question the collective decision making processes of 2nd, 6th and 8th graders and their parents?! This is the spot from which I watch the world go by. It is in this spot that I will read the latest happy news from a friend or family member online. It is from this spot that one of my sons will come running to tattle on another or where the dog will come to curl up against a warm body. MY warm body. It is the place the cat will jump up to and head butt my hand until I acknowledge that she is here, and that she is hungry. It is where I will drink my coffee, eat my meals and eventually, go to sleep for the night. A married, single mother doesn’t have the luxury of a bed. Nope. That is where her mentally, not legally divorced ex-husband sleeps. My spot is where I lay and think about all the things I will do better tomorrow…do RIGHT. It is the place I rest my head and think “…someday, when I lose 75 pounds” or “I’ll read to the boys tomorrow instead of letting them play video games all day” or “I’ve had enough! Things are going to change starting tomorrow!” every night. An endless loop of promises and ideas that race through my mind until, overwhelmed, it shuts off with a snap! No gentle lulling to sleep. No drifting off into dreamland. Just a CLUNK! A switch thrown, a circuit snapped. Darkness. In the morning, the circuit will be restored and the process will begin again. Right here. On the couch. From MY spot on the couch.



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